Balanced Blood Sugar Lounge

membership community to help you ↓ A1c & weight loss resistance balancing your meals & blood sugars

Not Currently Available for Purchase

Balanced Blood Sugar Lounge

Not Currently Available for Purchase


Tired of conflicting information on Google & free facebook groups getting you no where? If so, this is for you!

About the Lounge

The Better Blood Sugar Lounge is a supportive membership community to help you lower your A1c, insulin & weight loss resistance without confusion or feeling overwhelmed. You can do it all by creating a balanced lifestyle including both diet & exercise!

It's hosted by Bailee Hart, a Registered Dietitian & Online Nutrition Coach that can help you balance blood sugars & shed fat WITHOUT counting calories following traditional "45 g carbs/meal" guidelines (which get you nowhere, let's be honest!)

Think of it as a Facebook community, EXCEPT you get guaranteed resources, guidance and support from experts (not random people that will probably be hiding in the closet eating ice cream next week after telling you to do keto!)


  • you're not ready to invest in 1:1 or group coaching, BUT you know Bailee can work some magic, and you want in on it, too!
  • you want to learn how to create balanced healthy meals & need support for lowering your A1C or fasting blood sugar
  • you want to craft a blood sugar and metabolism friendly lifestyle
  • diabetes runs in your family, and you want to learn tangible strategies to prevent diabetes 
  • you suffer from symptoms of insulin resistance such as fatigue, cravings or weight loss resistance, or even a condition like PCOS
  • you want to lose weight and are over calorie counting, doing keto or other extreme diets 


Balanced Blood Sugar Jumpstart Guide & Videos

Get instant access to my top tips to help you tackle inflammation & insulin resistance from the inside! No more putting band-aides on these problems. Just learn how to eat & focus on lifestyle habits that you can stick with!

Meal Planning Library

take the guesswork out of planning healthy balanced meals! I've done it for you and saved you hours of having to scroll Pinterest finding perfect recipes! 

Recipe Library 

monthly recipe bundles unlocked each month you're a part of this awesome space! Never get bored & always have new recipes to try!

LIVE Q&A's + BONUS Trainings

Ask me questions and get support during monthly LIVE Q&A's. This is where you can get additional support with applying the nutrition & lifestyle strategies and addressing barriers that come up!


Other ladies working on similar goals and the BBS coaches are there to support you & also make sure you put on your big girl pants & put in the work:)


Bonus resources like my blood sugar friendly snack list, grocery & pantry stock lists, and more!

Trendy Topics Articles

Get up-to-date information and recommendations for diabetes prevention and weight loss! Wondering if you need apple cider vinegar, intermittent fasting, or the best exercise for you?! I give you the information so you can make informed choices!

Here's a handful of client testimonies:


Can I cancel anytime?

you can cancel anytime. However if you decide to come back later, you would have to pay the increased price if has changed! This is the only way to lock in this low rate with a value of over $300 in monthly support.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds since you gain access to the materials immediately.

What if I decide to upgrade to a coaching package later on?

You can purchase a single session as a lounge member. You can also upgrade to a VIP client in which your membership subscription would be paused since you get free access as a 1:1 client.

Is this a calorie based plan? How much prep time will it take?

There is no calorie counting involved. You learn HOW to eat. This style of eating that I teach improves satisfaction and reduces cravings so you eat less overall in most cases. 

You can take as long or as little time as you wish to prep meals. Some ladies spend only 5 minutes a day on it, while others spend 1-2 hours each week prepping healthy food items. 

Is it for vegans/vegetarians?

The meal plans and recipes do contain some meat and seafood options. Although there are vegan and vegetarian options, there isn't an exclusive vegan option at the moment. Bailee is always happy to offer substitution suggestions if needed.

What if I'm picky, and I don't like the meals on the meal plans?

The meal plans are designed to give you meal IDEAS and to save you time should you choose to use them. You will receive new plans each week so there should be plenty of options you WILL like. Bailee is always happy to offer substitution ideas - just post your questions in the community for the quickest response! 

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